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10/26 Up-to-date grades are posted on WebCT. Remember that the drop deadline is Friday, 10/30. If you are concerned about your grade in the course, and/or might drop the course, contact me BEFORE Friday to discuss your concerns.

09/29 If you will be missing class this Friday, 10/2, and thus missing Quiz #5, you need to contact me by Thursday to arrange to either take the quiz in advance, or preferrably sometime prior to class on Monday. If that will not be possible, we can make other arrangements.

09/25 The key for Test 1 is posted. Your grades will be available on WebCT as soon as I have them finished. Also, I will calculate a mid-term grade after Quiz 5 next week and post it to WebCT

09/21 To study for the exam, follow the tips outlined below. A brief overview of topics will be presented in class today: email me for a copy of the notes if you miss class.

09/18 Test 1 will be next Wednesday, 9/23. On Monday we will have a review activity in class, but to prepare for the exam: look over old quizzes (keys are posted on the web site here), look over old homework problems, and reread the definitions of concepts in sections 3.1-3.5 and 6.1. Most importantly come to class on Wednesday well rested!

09/14 My office hours have changed. I will still be around right after class each MWF, but the new hours (in the left hand column) are M2:00-3:00, W1:00-2:00, TR10:50-11:50.

09/08 The WebCT section is now up and running. You will be able to check your grades as I enter them in the gradebook.

08/31 The key for quiz #1 is now available. Grades will be posted on WebCT later this week.

08/28 Homework assignments are now posted above - try to do all the problems for Monday, but don't sweat if you can't do some. We'll work on functions some more on Monday.

08/26 You will soon be able to check your grade online. Keep an eye on WebCT for details