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Homework Assignments
HW Keys: Review Quiz - HW 0 - HW 1 - HW 2 - HW 3 - HW 4 - HW 5 - HW 6 - HW 7
Exams: Exam 1 Key - Exam 2 Key


7/16 I have made some minor changes to the schedule, adjusting for last Friday's review of exam 2. HW #5's key is posted. HW #6 will be due Friday 7/20 over 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4. Exam 3 will still occur on Friday, 7/27.
7/10 The key for practice test 2 is up.
7/9 The key for HW #4 is posted for your use. I will post the key to the practice exam immediately following class tomorrow. Remember that exam 2 is on Wednesday 7/11.
7/5 I have shuffled the schedule around. Check the link above, but the key things: HW #4 will instead be due on Monday, and Exam 2 is moved to Wednesday 7/10.
7/2 I have posted the key for HW #3, and updated the homework assignments through HW #5, which is due on Friday, July 13.
6/27 I have posted the key for exam 1. You'll get your exams back on Friday 6/29, and I'll take any questions about it then. I have also updated the schedule (should be final at this point) and the homework through Section 5.2.
6/24 I have posted solutions for the practice exam as well as HW #2. Use them to study for your exam. Also: The site hippocampus.org has some useful resources if you are a little rough around the edges with basic algebra. If you find you need a lot of resources like this, let me know.
6/21 The schedule and homework have been updated. Remember that 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 are due together on Friday, 6/21. Also, Exam 1 is coming up on Tuesday, 6/26.
6/15 I have posted some keys to the first few homework assignments and such. Please notify me if you think there is an error in the solutions.
6/11 The class has moved to Carver 0282 effective Tuesday, 6/12. That way everyone will have a desk!