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Office: 487 Carver Hall
Office Hours: MTWRF 10:00 - 10:50
Email: dfailing at iastate dot edu


Schedule (Tentative)
Quizzes: Quiz 1 Key | Quiz 2 Key | Quiz 3 Key | Quiz 4 Key | Quiz 5 Key | Quiz 6 Key | Quiz 7 Key
Exams: Exam 1 Key | Exam 2 Key | Exam 3 Key | Exam 4 Key


The easiest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail. It will help me keep things straight if you write Math 166 in the subject line. Get in the habit of writing professional e-mails to instructors (i.e. include a subject, don't include spelling errors or abbreviations, be respectful). This will be a useful skill for getting and keeping a job once you graduate (and will result in better responses in college too).


7/11 The keys for all 7 quizzes and all 3 exams are posted above.

6/14 The keys for Quiz 4, and Exam 2 are now available above. Please note that the scores entered in MyLabsPlus for Exam 2 are percentages, rounded UP. I will be happy to discuss Exam 2 results with you, provided that you first look over the key to try to understand where your errors were.

6/4 The key for Quiz 2 is available above. Quiz 3 will be Thursday 6/6, covering 7.2 through 7.4.

5/31 The key for Exam 1 is available above. I will grade them over the weekend and hand them back on either Monday or Tuesday. We will have a short quiz on Monday

5/25 The key for our first quiz is available above. As soon as everyone has completed each quiz, I'll get a key posted so that you can refer to it as you study.

5/22 Our grader (Neo) will hold office hours each Tuesday from 3-5pm in Carver Hall 453. If you're interested in my responses to the first day survey, you can find them here. Also, if you have not yet logged on to MyLabsPlus to begin your daily homework, you need to do so immediately in order to avoid falling behind. If you do not yet have an access code (or one from a previous semester), you may use the temporary access code provided on MyLabsPlus for the first two weeks.

5/20 Welcome to the course! I will post important documents and announcements here on a regular basis, so you should bookmark the page and check back often. Be sure to get signed in to MyLabsPlus and get started on HW Section 5.1. If you need assistance getting in to MyLabsPlus or have trouble accessing the course, let me know and I will help get it straightened out.