The Checklist - Setting Up Your IBL Course

: David Failing
This post first appeared at the collaborative site A Novice IBL Blog.

In the latter half of the IBL Workshop at Cal Poly, the organizers guided each participant toward having a few takeaways from that week’s work. Stan simply referred to this as “The Checklist” (pictured) and Liza, Nick and myself think this will be a good theme for our next series of posts. As you can see, the topics are some that we have touched on in our introductions (Nick referred to writing some of his own materials, Liza to assessment techniques), but these are some of the issues a novice IBL-er must contend with as they set up their first courses. I’ll split my own posts as one for each of these topics, though others may divide up the checklist differently. Look for the series to continue over the next few weeks.

I said once before that IBL is a community, and this blog is to be an extension of that community into the virtual space. As with any of our posts, I hope to see others chime in below in the comments section. Do you have an idea for a new post? A response to one of the ideas broached? An experience to share? Please do!

David Failing
David Failing
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