Private Tutoring

I hold a mathematics PhD, and have more than 15 years of experience in teaching and tutoring mathematics, statistics and data science courses at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. I am available for private tutoring in Flagstaff or online (including for most mathematics courses at Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University). I am also available to edit academic and technical documents. A partial list of courses at CCC and NAU that I can tutor is below, and you can also view lists of courses I have taken or courses I have taught. Contact me at to discuss rates, or if you need help for a course that is not listed here or at one of the above links.

NAU Courses

MAT 100 Mathematics Pathway
MAT 108 Algebra for Precalculus
MAT 110 College Algebra
MAT 114 Quantitative Reasoning
MAT 119 Finite Mathematics
MAT 121 Finite Mathematics with Calculus
MAT 125 Precalculus Mathematics
MAT 131 Topics In Calculus
MAT 136 Calculus I
MAT 137 Calculus II
MAT 150 Principles of Mathematics I
MAT 155 Principles of Mathematics II
MAT 216 Introduction to Matrix Algebra
MAT 226 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 232 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MAT 238 Calculus III
MAT 285 Functions, Algebra and Applications
MAT 316 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MAT 320 Foundations of Mathematics
MAT 365 Modern Geometry
MAT 411 Introduction To Abstract Algebra
MAT 412 Introduction To Abstract Algebra II
MAT 431 Introduction To Analysis
MAT 441 Introduction To Topology
MAT 504 Algebra And Number Theory
MAT 505 Connections - Calculus
MAT 506 Connections - Geometry
MAT 507 Connections - Probability And Statistics
MAT 511 Abstract Algebra I
MAT 516 Linear Algebra
MAT 531 Real Analysis
MAT 612 Abstract Algebra II
MAT 632 Measure and Integration

STA 141 Exploratory Visual Data Analysis
STA 270 Applied Statistics
STA 275 Statistical Analysis
STA 371 Intermediate Statistics
STA 444 Introduction To R
STA 445 Data Wrangling and Exploration in R
STA 471 Regression Analysis
STA 478 Statistical Computing
STA 570 Statistical Methods I
STA 571 Statistical Methods II

CCC Courses

MAT 088 Pre-Algebra
MAT 091 Beginning Algebra
MAT 097 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 140 College Math with Algebra Review
MAT 142 College Mathematics
MAT 151 College Algebra
MAT 160 Introduction to Statistics
MAT 172 Finite Mathematics
MAT 180 Mathematics for the Elementary Teacher I
MAT 181 Mathematics for the Elementary Teacher II
MAT 187 Pre-Calculus
MAT 211 Business Calculus
MAT 220 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MAT 230 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II
MAT 241 Calculus & Analytic Geometry III
MAT 261 Differential Equations